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ToeNale Productions takes pride in building professional relationships with all creatives. 

If you wish to work with us but aren't sure, then feel free to read our testimonials from our past hires.

Michelle Merring

Michelle Merring, Actress

I had the pleasure of being cast in their short film That's My Time and a hire for a reel scene. They were professional, respectful and really took care of us in set. They kept us on schedule and looking great. I would definitely work with these amazing people again!

Philip McElroy

Philip McElroy,


Being in front of the camera with ToeNale Productions is always great time, surrounded by professionalism. The biggest thing needed on any set is communication, and there isn’t a short of that with ToeNale Productions.

Erin Elizabeth Miller

Erin Elizabeth Miller, Actress

Matt and Kelly at Toenale productions are always a delight to work with. They are both committed to their work and their enthusiasm on set is unparalleled. As an actor it’s priceless to feel safe and free to express yourself while working. When working with them, you’ll always be in good hands.

Trymaine Alfred

Trymaine Alfred,


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Toenale productions on a couple of occasions and I can tell you from first hand experience that they are some of the funniest, creative and talented folks around. Super professional and super collaborative which makes making a film so much easier. Simply a 5 stars production team! I honestly can’t wait to work with them again!! 

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