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Mission Specialist Aaron Walsh of the USS Conquest 21 is the only capable member of his crew when the commanding pilot of the space craft is incapacitated. He must get back to the safety of the space station before the power of the craft depletes, leaving Walsh to drift through the emptiness of space all alone.

Seeing Red

An interrupted dinner party goes to spoil when Hollywood starlet, Laura, has found herself in a dilemma when being questioned by her lawyer after she becomes a suspect in a homicide case. With time pushing against her and her lawyer losing patience, Laura must think fast and decide which side of her she wants the world to see.

Prodigal Son

At a time when politicians seemingly go unchecked and citizens are driven to drastic actions, Mr. Straight has captured the junkie son of a powerful politician responsible for shutting down his family's pig farm in the name of vengeance and developing a taste for a similar meat.



When Mark, James, and Kyle wake up in a dark, locked theater with no recollection of how they got there, they must figure out how to escape... and who they can trust.


That’s My Time

Daphne is a Scottish Stand-Up comic who is living the dream in sunny Los Angeles. But with each success, a dark cloud shadows Daphne and her dream. In order to escape from her past she needs to accept her present, in order to have a future.



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Phobia Fighters 

Dr. Delbert Carter is in over his head when it comes to helping people, but he would never admit to it. Clients bring their fears to him, and he tries to counsel them through it all, especially humiliation at their own expense.


What Actors Wish They Could Say In Auditions

Eight annoyed actors voice their internal dialogue of what they wish they could say about their less-than-stellar auditions.


Leading The Blind Date

When Drew agrees to go on a blind date, he couldn't be happier when he meets the stunning Stella. But as we access their inner thoughts, we discover this couldn't be more of a mismatch.


My Valentine.... Almost

Dave is one of those people who thinks Valentine's Day justifies a relationship.


Acting 101

Steve teaches an acting workshop, but takes things too far from time to time.


Interview Skillz

Elliott has his first job interview in a really long time. He's nervous. But nothing could prepare him for the nuisance that is his potential new boss who is interviewing him.


Relationship Level GPS

Daniel is sick of being interrupted by his car's GPS.


Secret Santa 

With Christmas around the corner, John comes up with the perfect plan to make this year extra special for one of his employees. But very much like the holiday itself, nothing goes according to plan.


Writer's Block 

When Two writers have a night of nothing coming to mind. They do what they can to make a great idea pop! But struggle to do so, even if it’s right in front of them. 

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