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Get to know the Team! 

Matthew Wayne Roberts 


Matthew comes from Clinton, IL where he began ToeNale Productions at a young age.  He studied filmmaking, writing, and theatre at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and moved from the land of corn and beans to the land of smoke and mirrors in September 2010.  He has been pursuing acting professionally since then, as well as other creative endeavours.  He worked at a casting studio in Hollywood, CA for some time where he met his now wife, Kelly Love.  Today, they strive to make original content with ToeNale Productions.  He also is a member of the Loft Ensemble Theatre, where he has been a part of several stage productions, as well as some stand-up comedy.

Kelly Love


Kelly Love is a Scottish Actor born and raised in Glasgow. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, California at the age of 19. Kelly Love has been working as a professional actor ever since the age of sixteen and is now splitting her work time between the UK and the US. Kelly has written and produced many of her own projects for stage and screen. Including two original plays produced by Loft Ensemble Vegas Nightmares and Blinded, a one person show PillowTalk With Nessie, produced with ToeNale Productions, as well as sketches and shorts Staged, What Actors Wish They Could Say In Auditions, and the award winning short films Seeing RedThat’s My Time.  


She feels super fortunate and lucky that she not only gets to create new stories to share, but gets to do so with her best friend and husband, Matthew.






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